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Rick Netto, alongside Glenn Kaino (owner of V|S|B|L|T|Y),and CJ Olivares (Head of Digital @WSL), worked on redesigning the experience of the largest online surf hub in the world.

The Challenge

Amidst the pandemic's event cancellations, your creative team tackled the challenge of redesigning the World Surf League's website by pivoting to an online content-driven approach.

Recognizing the void left by live events, the strategy shifted towards immersive online experiences including behind-the-scenes footage, athlete interviews, and archived material to engage surf fans. Interactive features like live chats with athletes fostered community, while high-quality multimedia content provided an enhanced surfing experience. Through these efforts, the WSL website became a vibrant hub connecting fans to the sport, its athletes, and its culture during a time of physical separation.


The Modular Approach

To empower WSL with flexibility and efficiency, we implemented a modular structure for their website that seamlessly accommodates both responsiveness and easy page restructuring. Leveraging a combination of modular design principles and a robust content management system (CMS), we developed a framework where each component of the website, from headers and footers to content blocks and widgets, operates independently.

This modular approach allows WSL to assemble and rearrange pages effortlessly without diving into intricate coding processes. By decoupling the design from the content, we've granted WSL the freedom to adapt and innovate swiftly, ensuring their website remains dynamic, engaging, and perfectly tailored to their audience's expectations.


WSL Watch Platform

During the COVID lockdown, faced with the cancellation of all live events, we embarked on a mission to craft an exceptionally intuitive multi-platform content watching experience for WSL (World Surf League) enthusiasts.

Understanding the need for connection and escapism during these challenging times, we seamlessly integrated live streams, archival footage, and interactive features across various devices. Our solution prioritized user experience, offering fluid navigation and personalized recommendations tailored to each viewer's preferences. Through meticulous design and innovative technology, we not only replicated the thrill of live events but elevated it, fostering a global community of surf enthusiasts who could engage, share, and immerse themselves in the exhilarating world of surfing from the comfort of their homes.


A Slight Rebrand

Our team approached the subtle rebrand strategy for the World Surf League with a focus on aligning the brand identity with its new digital strategy. Understanding the importance of maintaining brand recognition while adapting to the digital landscape, we emphasized consistency and evolution rather than radical change. This involved refining the visual elements of the brand to be more adaptable to digital platforms, such as optimizing the logo for various screen sizes and enhancing the website's user interface for seamless navigation.

By striking a balance between preserving the essence of the brand and embracing its digital evolution, our team successfully crafted a rebrand strategy that reinforced WSL's position as a leader in the surfing world while signaling its readiness for the digital age.