Driven by passion, bound by expertise; our team, the heartbeat of innovation, sculpting digital dreams into reality.

  • Jeff, Screenwriter
  • Ronaldo in the Office
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  • Gui, Creative Director
  • Fernanda, Product Designer
  • Ollie, Our Mascot
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Henrique, Our Product Designer who masters design systems

Henrique - Product Designer

We’re a studio with diverse roots that want to help companies and organizations with everything creative, art and technology. We work with a passion for the craft and embrace innovation in our process.


A Global Studio

Picture this: our team kicks it with diverse flair, embodying an eclectic spirit! We're all about embracing various rhythms, soaking up the sun, and surfing vibes. But hold up, we're not just about specific cultural elements. Our crew's a global mixtape, bringing in beats from all over. We blend various music styles and movements, creating a fusion of creativity.

Passion at every pixel

We're not just creative, we're passionate artists. Crafting ideas into reality is our sport, and we play to win. Every stroke, every pixel—polished to perfection. We live for the thrill of turning imagination into art, pushing boundaries with fiery determination. Our team's motto? Passion at heart, creativity in action.


Flow’s Mission

Rick & Ronaldo

(Our mission)

Empowering success through seamless efficiency. We're the all-in-one solution that turns visions into reality, leaving a lasting impact every step of the way.

Get to know the people behind the craft.



Adam James

US Operations


Rick Netto

Creative Lead


Ronaldo Jardim

Creative Lead



Ida Kymmer

Business Development


Gui Soares

Creative Director


Marcus Alqueres

Head of Narratives

/Animation & Film

Marlon Zanatti

Creative Director


We live and stand by these

  • (A)

    We work with people we would hang out with after hours. Casual vibes.

  • (B)

    We don’t believe in a one way relationship. We don’t work with clients but with partners.

  • (C)

    We do our work because we love what we do. Passion is what drives every decision when it comes projects.